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Various Artists – Adventures in the Land of Big Beats & Happy Feets


1989 (19 Tracks) 1. Prologue (Rakim D. & The Garden Beats) 2. Fallin’ (Imperials) 3. Baow Baow Baow (Bunny Whop and the Hip Hop) 4. Thank You (Philip Bailey) 5. Rappin’ Retail (Randy McNally & The Road Dogz) 6. Wise Up (Amy Grant) 7. No Bout Adoubt It (Billy B. & The Beez Nees) 8. Svengali (Steve Taylor) 9. Doutout (Billy B. & The Beez Nees) 10. I Just Want to Celebrate (Kim Boyce) 11. Tee Vee Whiz (The Nerf Wilson Ensemble) 12. Jericho (Ideola) 13. Gee Tee Vee (The Nerf Wilson Ensemble) 14. I’ve Come Too Far (Russ Taff) 15. BBBBBeatitudinal (Snappo Schultz) 16. Ship of Love (Sheila Walsh) 17. BBBBBeatitudinal Part II (Snappo Schultz) 18. Cold Rock the Groove (Randy Stonehill) 19. Epilogue (Rakim D. & The Garden Beats)

Download at Various Artists – Adventures in the Land of Big Beats & Happy Feets

Various Artists – Front Row


1983 (11 Tracks) 1. (Rick Cua) Changed 2. (Edin-Adahl) Wake Up 3. (Bonnie Bramlett) White Dove 4. (Per-Erik Hallin) You Put Another Song In My Heart 5. (Will McFarlane) That’s How I Know You’ve Called Me 6. (Tom Douglas) Jesus Never Sleeps 7. (Forerunner) Faith Walk 8. (Jerusalem) Time 9. (Lifesavors) Break In My Head 10. (Bryn Haworth) Never Give Up On Love 11. (Joe English) Anthem

Download at Various Artists – Front Row

Various Artists – Superjubilation


1977 (22 Tracks) 1. To The Ancient Of Days (Bob Ayala) 2. Sweet Music (Pat Terry Group) 3. To The Father (Gospel Seed) 4. A Nation’s Prayer (Bruce Hibbard) 5. The Prince Song (2nd Chapter Of Acts) 6. Follow Me (Dave Meece) 7. Ain’t You Glad (Michael Omartian) 8. Where Can I Go (Petra) 9. Ain’t It Grand (Honeytree) 10. Shipwreck (Paul Clark) 11. All That I Can Do (Love Inn Company) 12. Why Does The Devil (Chris Christian) 13. Flyaway (Nutshell) 14. Song For Mom (Steve Camp) 15. Life’s Greatest Possesion (Lilly Green) 16. All Because Of You (Alwyn Wall Band) 17. Hallelujah (BJ Thomas) 18. New Day (Fireworks) 19. Another Try (Phil Keaggy) 20. To Learn By Living (Tom Howard) 21. Mountain Top (Amy Grant) 22. Caught In The Crossfire (Limpic & Rayburn)

Download at Various Artists – Superjubilation

Christmas – Sparrow Artists


1988 (12 Tracks) 1. (Bebe & Cece) Silent Night, Holy Night 2. (Sparrow Artists) Home For The Holidays 3. (White Heart) Little Drummer Boy 4. (Michael Card) What Child Is This? 5. (Deniece Williams) Do You Hear What I Hear? 6. (Steve Taylor) Winter Wonderland 7. (Margaret Becker) O Come, O Come Emmanuel 8. (Steve Camp) O Holy Night 9. (Tim Miner) The First Noel 10. (Geoff Moore & The Distance) Jingle Bell Rock 11. (Steven Curtis Chapman) Away In A Manger 12. (Sparrow Artists Angels We Have Heard On High

Download at Christmas – Sparrow Artists

Radioactive Hits: The Definitive Blonde Vinyl Collection


1993 (14 racks) 1. (L.S. Underground) Wino of the Red Is Stained 2. (Michael Knott) Hang Me High 3. (Breakfast with Amy) Ad America 4. (Dance House Children) Sea Breeze 5. (L.S.U.) Miracle 6. (Fluffy) Excommunicated 7. (Lifesavers) It’s a Crazy Thing 8. (Windy Lyre) Ave 9. (Black & White World) Ruby Goes to Heaven 10. (Deitiphobia) Red Society 11. (Acoustic Shack) It’s Good to Know 12. (L.S.U.) The Bomb 13. (Deitiphobia) Crucifixion of Will 14. (L.S. Underground) Beg and Kick

Download  at Radioactive Hits: The Definitive Blonde Vinyl Collection

Twelve New Faces


1989 (12 Tracks) 1 Round and Round (Reigh Giglio) 2. Kids on the Corner (Wil Comstock) 3. Seven Times Seventy (Pierce Pettis) 4. Tell Me Your Idea (2 Tru) 5. Stay With Me (Brighton) 6. Air that I Breath (Heartbeat) 7. Is it a Crime (Zion) 8. Life is so Strange (Open City) 9. Greater Good (Selah) 10. Line My Streets With Gold (Milo Carter) 11. Mystery (Brooks Williams) 12. The Only Thing I Can Believe In ( Phil Madeira)

Download at Various Artists – Twelve New Faces

Voices 10


1987 (10 Tracks) 1. In Your Light (Tata Vega) 2. Heaven is Waiting (Bob Carlisle) 3. Come as You Are   (Bryan Duncan) 4. Light of the World (Matthew Ward) 5. In Your Presence (Howard McCrary) 6. Helpless (John Elefante & Kim Boyce) 7. Heaven Must Have Sent You (Rick Riso) 8. Teach Me How (Bob Carlisle) 9. Then You Call My Name (Benny Hester) 10. Lift Up My Voice (Tommy Funderburk)

Download at Various Artists – Voices 10

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