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Return of the Site


Well, I finally got around to figuring out the password and stuff for my brother’s rapidshare, only to find out all the links are working now anyways, lol.  I’ll continue to work the site for now so let me know if you have any issues and we’ll go from there.  Thank you to everyone for your kind words and patience while going through this transitional phase.



The site’s future


Thank you to all for your kind respects.  I have not been posting all the comments, but I must say, the support and condolences have been overwhelming.  I do not know why the files are down, it is not intentional.  I can’t remember if he was paying for his Rapidshare account or just using the free version.  I’ll look into it.  For now, several ppl have shown interest in taking over the site.  I will keep everyone updated as to the future of the site.

Chris Daniel 10/29/70 – 1/11/13


This is Jason Daniel, Chris’ brother.  I regret to inform everyone that Chris passed away Friday evening after continued complications due to what has been discovered to be CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Polyneuropathy).  Many here knew Chris had diabetes, but by the time the doctors discovered it was the CIDP and not the diabetes, it was too late.  It was due to this debilitating disease that has kept him from updating the site as he had been unable to use his arms or legs for quite some time.  He died with his family who loved him at his side, and while we mourn our loss, we rejoice knowing he is now enjoying his new body that we know God has given him.

I do not know what will become of this site.  It was always something that brought him much joy sharing the music from an older generation that had ministered to him his whole life.  Those interested in possibly helping with the site from here may contact me by leaving a comment to this post.  Personal information will not be posted as he has it set up to require approval before posting, so feel free to leave an email and I’ll respond through email.

Lastly, most of you won’t know, but he could make a piano sing.  Some of the most memorable times in my life was in the studio, playing and singing with he and my father (you’ll find his music on this site under Tim Daniel), and even though Satan took that ministry from him even years before his death, he couldn’t erase that ministry from being shared to others.  Please take a short moment and allow Chris the opportunity to bless you with his anointed gifts here accompanying my father at the following link.

Tim Daniel / The Garden of My Soul from the cd Springs of Salvation

Thank you.

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