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Michele Pillar – Reign on Me


1983 (10 Tracks) 1. Shout It From The Rooftop 2. He Rolled Away The Stone 3. Reign On Me 4. Look Up 5. There He Was 6. My Heart Is A Stone 7. Dont Wait Too Late 8. When Love Draws Near 9. One Move Of Your Spirit 10. Song Of Praise

Download at Michele Pillar – Reign on Me


Michele Pillar – Look Who Loves You Now


1984 (10 Tracks) 1. Each Day He Gives Me 2. Look Who Loves You Now 3. He’ll Shine His Light On You 4. Just Take A Step 5. Emotions Wound Us So 6. Wandering The Night 7. To Worship You 8. Here We Go 9. One Day Like Him 10. I Want To Make A Difference

Download at Michele Pillar – Look Who Loves You Now

Michele Pillar – Michele Pillar


1982 (10 Track) 1. Walk Across Heaven 2. You Were There All Along 3. More Than Just A Man 4. You’ve Known Me All Of My Life 5. Free From The Night 6. Rock Of Life 7. The Things I Hope For You 8. In Nazareth There’s A Carpenter 9. You 10. I Can Do It All By Myself

Download at Michele Pillar – Michele Pillar

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