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Larry Norman – Something New Under the Sun


1981 (12 Tracks) 1. Hard Luck Bad News 2. Feeling So Bad 3. I Feel Like Dying (Phase 2) 4. Born to Be Unlucky 5. Watch What You’re Doing 6. Leaving the Past Behind 7. Put Your Life into His Hands 8. Larry Norman’s 97’th Nightmare 9. Let that Tape Keep Rolling 10-12. Bonus Tracks

Download at Larry Norman – Something New Under the Sun

Larry Norman – Only Visiting This Planet


1972 (15 Tracks) 1. I’ve Got To Learn To Live Without You 2. The Outlaw 3. Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus 4. Righteous Rocker #1 5. I Wish We’d All Been Ready 6. I Am the Six O’Clock News 7. The Great American Novel 8. Pardon Me 9. Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music 10. Reader’s Digest 11. Oh How I Love You 12.-15. (Bonus)

Download at Larry Norman – Only Visiting this Planet

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