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In todays land of social media Old Christian Music is trying to be “new school”. You can follow Old Christian Music on both Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter account is 80socmusic and Facebook is Old Christian Music.

Thank-You / A Milestone has been reached


Well today at about 7:00 pm the blog reached 500,000 visitors. This blog has been up since Dec. of ’09. If my math serves me right that’s about 30,000 views a month. Last month was the biggest month at 56,000. When I started this project I NEVER dreamed it would get this popular….Thank-you. I try to put a lot of work into my posts, if anyone has ever noticed I check all the files sent to me for viruses and to make sure all the information is correct. I then make sure the album art is the best I can find, give you the year and track listing…..not bad for someone who can only see out one eye and can’t feel his hands. I will keep on pressing on posting as I can. The e-mails are great, they keep me wanting to do this.

God Bless, Chris

ps. upon looking at my daily stats it turns out that this is my biggest day. 2,309 visitors.

Apologies & Updates


First let me apologize, I just found out that the e-mail address has not been working for the past three months. So any requests that were sent to me had not been received and for that I apologize. As some of the loyal followers have noticed I am posting more once again. I recently purchased voice recognition software which helps me a great deal when posting to the blog. For those of you that have been praying for my health condition thank you. In January I had successful surgery on my left eye… I can see once again. Now if I could just get these legs to work I would be doing great. I am trying to post at least one new entry a day until I have no more to post but that could be a while. With the lack of worthwhile things going on in my life right now the kind e-mails I get from my blog followers help out abundantly. At the moment, I am averaging 1300 visitors a day to the website. If you have noticed, I have added a Facebook and Twitter link to each post. Please help me spread the word by using these tools to help get the great Christian music of years gone by out in the open again. In closing please remember that when you are making a request check to see if you can actually buy it from the artist website first.

Your friend Chris Daniel

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To All My Friends


Me in 1979…..WHAT HAPPENED

I am truely sorry about the lack of posting. I know a lot of people like finding the music of thier youth once again. For those that don’t know I suffer from many complications steming from my diabeties. I have lost all feeling below my knees and have lost most feeling in my fingers and hands.  I just had some surgury in my left eye, so I am no longer blind from the diabetic retinopathy. Please be praying for me. If you happen to be a millionair and need to part  with some pocket change let me know. On a side note, if you have questions or requests (or just want to chat) please email me at instead of placing a comment in a post.

Prayer & Financial Support


As most of you know I am disabled and cannot work. What you don’t know is I’m getting worse. I have now lost all use of my legs. I have finally got my Hoveround, but I had to take out a small loan to purchase the chair. several months ago I asked my readers for prayer & financial support. I would like to thank the faithful people who donated. The Bible says you have not because you ask not so here it goes. We are trying to sell our 2004 Chrysler Pacifica because I can no longer get in it on my own. In its place we will need to purchase a mini van with a wheelchair ramp. Typically these are 10k more than the actual cost of the van, so a 2005 Grand Caravan with a wheelchair ramp will cost about 20k. I do have a PayPal account (for donations) So far I had hinted at needing some financial support because my wife has to stay home and look after me full-time because of my disability. Please don’t think that I will stop this blog if I don’t get the money. I could also use the prayer support of everybody reading this whether you can help financially or not.


ps. This is a picture of my wife and I before my disability

Lets have some fun


I did something like this on my last site, so let’s try it again….with a twist. Look over the website and pick your 5 favorite recordings from what I have posted. Then give me 1 extra that I don’t have posted. This way people can learn about great music that they were not familiar with & I can see what you’re looking for. Please leave your favorite in this format. Artist – Album / Genre. (CCM, Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop , CHR, Folk, Adult contemporary) All Christian of course.

Here are mine.

5 Favorite from site:
Dion – Velvet and Steel / CCM
Phil Keaggy – Sunday’s Child / Christian Hit Radio
Fireworks – Live Fireworks / Christian Rock
WhiteHeart – Vital Signs / Christian Rock
Randy Stonehill – Can’t Buy a Miracle / CCM

1 I’d like to see:
Farrell & Farrell (But they won’t let me) sorry

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