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Singing Tracks Disc 4 (All Originals)


11 Tracks 1. Wait (Steven Curtis Chapman) 2. Cherish the Treasure (Steve Green) 3. Call on Jesus (Nicole C. Mullen) 4. Solid as a Rock (Michael English) 5. In Christ Alone (Michael English) 6. It Always Comes Back to You (Kim Boyce) 7. Where can I Go (Glad) 8. Saved, Delivered and Healed (Carman) 9. Lord of All (Carman) 10. Bress God (Carman) 11. Why (4Him)

Download at Disc 4

Singing Tracks Disc 3 (All Originals)


13 Tracks 1. Still Rolls The Stone (Bob Bennett) 2. One Thing (Charlie Peacock) 3. You Can Go (David Meece) 4. A Mighty Fortress (Glad) 5. Easter Song (Glad) 6. I Can Only Imagine (Mercy Me) 7. Bring Jesus To Me (Paul Q-Pek) 8. Jesus Will Still Be There (Point of Grace) 9. Thank You (Ray Boltz) 10. Awesome God (Rich Mullins) 11. Get Ready (The Imperials) 12. Before the Rocks Cry Out (Tim Sheppard) 13. Holy of Holies (Truth)

Download at Singing Tracks Disc 3

Singing Tracks Disc 2 (All Originals)


10 Tracks 1. Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus (Audio Adrenaline) 2. Let’s Build a Bridge (Michael English) 3. The Throne (Michael W. Smith) 4. Gloria (Michael W. Smith) 5. Hand of Providence (Michael W. Smith) 6. Place in This World (Michael W. Smith) 7. Holy Fire (Morgan Cryar) 8. He’s Returning (White Heart) 9. The River Will Flow (White Heart) 10. Vital Signs (White Heart)

Download at Singing Tracks Disc 2

Singing Tracks Disc 1 (All Originals)


10 Tracks 1. Weak Days (Steven Curtis Chapman) 2. My Turn Now (Steven Curtis Chapman) 3. Love You With My Life (Steven Curtis Chapman) 4. I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman) 5. Faithful Too (Steven Curtis Chapman) 6. Whatever You Ask (Steve Camp) 7. Stranger To Holiness (Steve Camp) 8. He Covers Me (Steve Camp) 9. Then He Comes (Scott Wesley Brown) 10. All Rise (Scott Wesley Brown)

Download at Singing Track Disc 1

The Cruse Family – Cruse 2


1984 (9 Tracks) 1. Angel Song 2. Sign Of The Times 3. Dancin’ In The Light 4. Unfailing Love 5. Love Of The Lord 6. Rise And Fly 7. Roads 8. Under Wings Of Love 9. Magnify The Lord

Download at The Cruse Family – Cruse 2

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