Glen Allen Green – A Living Fire

1985 1. A Living Fire 2. The Dance 3. Mirror Of My Heart 4. Forevermore 5. Beyond The Door 6. Run 7. Blessed Be The Lord 8. Jezebel 9. The Beauty Of His Love 10. Jesus Shall Reign

Dowload at Glen Allen Green – A Living Fire


4 Responses to “Glen Allen Green – A Living Fire”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great album.. to bad the follow up was a step down. “The Dance” is a great song. So is “Forevermore”. “Blessed Be The Lord” always makes me think of Christmas songs for some reason. 😛

  2. Greenchili Says:

    The version of “The Dance” included on here is not the one from the album. It’s the version included on a compilation CD of various artists.

  3. Jerry Says:

    This is a copy from the studio master tape. I got it from CCE.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Some songs that Glen wrote for other artists. Recognize them?

    “We Are The Light” by Servant on “Poolside Logic”
    “Not In A Million Years” by Tami Gunden on “Written In My Heart”
    “Take The Cross” by Joe English on “What You Need”

    Also Glen wrote two Christmas songs not available on his recordings. Those are “Jesus Merry Christmas” and “I Have Held My King”.

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