Idle Cure – Idle Cure

1986 (8 Tracks) 1. Breakaway 2. Silent Hope 3. Take It 4. Feeling the Heat 5. Come Back to Me 6. Overdrive 7. From the Heart 8. Come Alive

Download at Idle Cure – Idle Cure


4 Responses to “Idle Cure – Idle Cure”

  1. Paddy Says:

    yeah — one of the best christian hardrock bands ever. i love the album “2nd avenue”! wow!!

  2. Florian Says:

    I have the vinyl , great post

  3. Freddy Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. If you are interested, I do have quite a few of Idle Cure’s other albums. I would be happy to upload these for you so you can share with others. Just drop me a line via e-mail if this is something you would like.

  4. Ian TrueBlueboy Evans Says:

    Yes please send more, I had almost every album growing up on cassette, loved them.

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