Kenny Marks – Follow Him

1982 (10 Tracks) 1. Lean on Him 2. Lovin’ Me for Myself 3. You Need Love 4. You Don’t Have to Try and Be Somebody 5. In the Middle of the Night 6. He’ll Finish What He Started 7. I Give It All to You 8. Follow Him 9. Ringin’ the Bells 10. When I Least Expect It

Download at Kenny Marks – Follow Him


4 Responses to “Kenny Marks – Follow Him”

  1. Donomanman Says:

    Thanks for all the posts, been coming here a while and really dig it!!

  2. cikmuzman357 Says:

    Specially thanx for this obe!!! And thanks falso or all other posts.

  3. Darrel Says:

    I had this on cassette years ago and really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Greenchili Says:

    It was years before I could find this album. For the longest time I thought “Right Where You Are” was his first record.

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