Geoff Moore – Where are the Other Nine?

1984 (10 Trtacks) 1. Build the House 2. Royal Priesthood 3. Where Are the Other Nine? (Let Me Be the One) 4. When You Get There (Love Will Take You In) 5. One Heart 6. Open Your Eyes 7. Bread of Life 8. He Shall Be Praised 9. Lonely Hearts Need Love 10. The Fight Song

Download at Geoff Moore – Where are the Other Nine?


4 Responses to “Geoff Moore – Where are the Other Nine?”

  1. Farren Says:

    This is unreal.
    I have never even heard of this album & I thought I had all his releases.
    I’m impressed.
    I am listening to it now.
    Thanks ever so much for posting this album……very cool.
    Thanks Cadfly.

  2. cadfly Says:

    Geoff was at a talent showcase with my Dad in 1984. That is where I heard Him for the 1st time. He sang where are the other nine? and 2 other songs. Of thee 10 artists or so Benson signed Geoff Moore, Candy Hemphill, and my Dad Tim Daniel

  3. Greenchili Says:

    Didn’t he do a duet with Amy Grant?

  4. Bob Freeman Says:

    I love this website and all of the music listed on it! I love this album been trying to find it for a long time. Do you know if the song Royal Priesthood has a fixed version floating around that doesn’t skip during the first few seconds? I would love to download it if anyone knows where a fixed version is.

    Thanks, Bob

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