Charlie Peacock – Lie Down in the Grass

1984 (10 Tracks) 1. Lie Down in the Grass 2. Watching Eternity 3. It’s Gone, It’s Over 4. Human Condition 5. Lost in Translation 6. One, Two, Three (That’s Okay) 7. Whole Lot Different/Whole Lot the Same 8. Till You Caught My Eye 9. Turned on an Attitude 10. Who is Not Afraid?

Download at Charlie Peacock – Lie Down in the Grass


4 Responses to “Charlie Peacock – Lie Down in the Grass”

  1. low5point Says:

    If you or anyone else has the A&M release of this album with the two different songs and can post it, that would be great!

  2. DaLe Says:

    Lie Down in the Grass (1985, A&M Records)

    “Watching Eternity” and “Human Condition”

    were replaced by

    “Young in Heart” and “Love Doesn’t Get Better”

    if anyone has these, please share. thanks

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I would love those two tracks as well………I have the “Christian” label release…………

  4. Goofy Gus Says:

    FlipSideMN (another great Christian music blog) posted the A&M version. It’s here:!download|331dt|353581026|cp_am.rar|53919|R~B8083F227F508E88A101CDC7D068915A


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