Petra – Petra

1974 (10 Tracks) 1. Wake Up 2. Get Back To The Bible 3. Gonna Fly Away 4. Storm Comin’ 5. Parting Thought 6. Walkin’ In The Light 7. Mountains And Valleys 8 Lucas McGraw 9. Backslidin’ Blues 10. I’m Not Ashamed

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3 Responses to “Petra – Petra”

  1. bob Says:

    I’ve tried nearly twenty times to download this album, but rapidshare NEVER has any slots open for free users. I lost this CD a few years ago in a fire and was excited to see it. Unfortunately, I still may not get to listen to it, due to rapidshare.

  2. olumide Says:

    Hello Bob, interstingly, i’ve been able to download the album at my first attempt :-). I think you get that message when ‘traffic is high’… Rapidshare almost got me frustrated on my attempts at getting The Way Home..Patience is the key!

    God bless You and God bless ‘Cadfly’!!

  3. Brian Vermeer Says:

    When they put this on CD, they rearranged the track order. If you would like the tracks in the order they were on the original vinyl, it’s like this
    01 Walkin in the Light
    02 Mountains and Valleys
    03 Lucas McGraw
    04 Wake Up
    05 Back Sliding Blues
    06 Get Back to the Bible
    07 Gonna Fly Away
    08 Im Not Ashamed
    09 Storm Coming
    10 Parting Thought

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