Recess – Recess

1989 (10 Tracks) 1. Born Again (and I Love it) 2. Reckless 3. Time Out 4. Nothin’ I Wouldn’t Do 5. Search Me 6. Dead Ain’t Always Six Feet Under 7. Choices 8. Back Off 9. Don’t Keep it Inside 10. Are We Wastin’ Time

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  1. stacy Says:

    i can remember going ro see recess in concert at 2 different churches in the mid 80’s. i used to have a tape of there music until it got ruined… through the years i’ve lost any info on them, would love to own a copy of there music again, any info you have about them or if there is anyway to find there music would be great!! i now have teenage girls of my own and would like to share with them.

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