Lamb – Live

1981 (16 Tracks) 1. Hallelujah 2. The Sacrifice Lamb 3. Dance and Sing 4. Ramah 5. Build My World 6. Ba Ruch Ha Shem 7. The Least I Could Do 8. Shu Vee 9. Engraved Invitation 10. Jonah 11. Hey I Love You 12. I’ll Be a Fool 13. Comfort Ye My People 14. Clap Your Hands 15. In the Morning I Love the Lord 16. Break Forth into Joy

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2 Responses to “Lamb – Live”

  1. Abe Assocs Says:

    I had several Lamb cassette tapes from the 70’s and played them over and over again. Absolutely loved the Jewish styling! Late in the 80’s I was able to find the tapes again at the Baptist Book Store, but alas! lost them around 2001 in a move. Thank you for this one, I never had it before but notice it has a few of the oldies on it. IF ANYONE HAS ANY OF THEIR TAPES FROM THE 70’S PLEASE UPLOAD THEM.

  2. Geart Bakker Says:

    I bought this tape during my first visit to the United States, never dreaming then that I would eventually end up in these States and now have lived here for over 25 years. I remember the concert almost verbatim as I played the cassette to death and now can relive those moments. Lamb was one of the approved artists that we were allowed to play in the snack bar of “The Shelter”, a Christian Youth Hostel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You always knew I was on staff as this would play at least once during my shift.

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