Continental Singers – Dreamer

1983 (17 Tracks) 1. Praise His Name and See it Happen 2. Like Father Like Son 3. Colors 4. He Will Carry You 5. Lead Me 6. Incredible 7. Mae East 8. In Moments Like These 9 One Song is Not Enough 10. He Opens a Windows 11. A New Beginning 12. What a World it Would Be 13. Down and Back 14. Everything I Need 15. The Hand Song 16. Like Father (Reprise) 17. Praise His Name (Reprise)

Download at Continental Singers – Dreamer


3 Responses to “Continental Singers – Dreamer”

  1. DR. S.KUMBE Says:

    Where are The Continentals now? I miss them.

  2. illustrationISM Says:

    STEVE TAYLOR is all over this album…sings…
    writes (MAE EAST) and narrates!
    (Michael & Stormie Omartian, Scott Wesley Brown wrote songs too).

  3. Jim Bernal Says:

    I understand that they no longer exist in the US, but are still big in Europe. It’s sad that such a ministry no longer exists. They started in 1963.

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