First Strike – Rock Of Offense

1984 (10 Tracks) 1. Your Love 2. Money 3. Loneliness Kills 4. Prisoner 5. I Want You 6. Out Of Control 7. Slow Poison 8. Dirty Loving 9. Hurt By Love 10. Hard Times

Download at First Strike – Rock Of Offense


4 Responses to “First Strike – Rock Of Offense”

  1. exdroid Says:

    This is a great album!! Had it on cassette in the 80s…lost it yrs ago….

    The band refused to release it on cd – even a few years ago when a christian label tried to get it done….

  2. illustrationISM Says:

    Mike Roe (of The 77s) produced this and
    contributed guitar too!

  3. hernan Says:

    excellent!!! nice record!!

  4. Troy Says:

    I love this album. I had recently converted it to CD and recently MP3’s. Now this music is timeless.

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