Connie Scott – Spirit Mover

1985 (9 Tracks) 1. Spirit Mover 2. He’s the Rock 3. Lord of Glory 4. The Video 5. Jesus in Your Heart 6. D.O.A. 7. For So Long 8. Come on Leah 9. Is There an Orphan in Your Home

Downloaad at Connie Scott – Spirit Mover


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  1. Dinah Lacey Says:

    This album means a lot to me!!! When “Spirit Mover” came out, I was going through a REALLY difficult time in my life. In the ’90s, when I was about 24, I was dating a guy who (though not a believer) was a musician. I had brought up numerous times, Connie Scott (I had lost the tape long before, but had kept the tape cover to remind me…) He knew way more about the computer than I did at the time, so apparently he went on line and did some searching. When my b-day came, he told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I couldn’t believe it when I opened my eyes and found a never before opened casette tape, still wrapped!!!!! (he had found an old christian book store in some other state that was going out of buisness, and had ONE copy left!) I cried, I laughed, I was SOOOO happy….I still have it, and I still listen to it!
    My daughter is now seven, we listen to it and she loves it too! Her favorite song, which she calls the “scary song”, is D.O.A That is one of my favorites as well, along w/ “The Video.”…Also, my daughter’s name…is Leah 🙂
    I love Connie Scott!!!!

  2. rev rafael Says:

    that is one really neat story .. her song “Must Be You” is a timeless one for me .. says so much about where I was then in 1984 when I first heard it and, in many ways, where I remain today …

  3. Greenchili Says:

    I really like the song “Lord Of Glory”.. D.O.A. was penned by Steve Camp.. cool start to the song get’s me everytime.

  4. Jerry Says:

    If anyone desires a CD of “Spirit Mover” they are $3 plus shipping at Scott’s Parable Bookstore in Canada. The bookstore was started by her parents.

    Credit card accepted over the phone or via email.

    The store number is 1-800-661-1461
    Music Dept Manager

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