David Meece – Candle in the Rain

1987 (9 Tracks) 1. All Is God’s Creation 2. Nothing To Forgive 3. God Only Knows 4. The Water Is Fine 5. His Love Was Reaching 6. Amor Conquieta Todo 7. Higher Ground 8. Candle In The Rain 9. Hold On

Download at  David Meece – Candle in the Rain


6 Responses to “David Meece – Candle in the Rain”

  1. David Acosta Says:

    I have several old Christian records, including my all-time favorite, I Just Call on You (1977), by David Meece. I would love to contribute several albums to your collection, actually, but I’m not sure how to go about it. The Meece album is one of those old treasured possessions of mine, and I can’t find it in anywhere digital format.

    What do you suggest?

    By the way, thank you much for making these old records available. I own everything I have downloaded–all LP’s. Now I can hear them again.

    Grace and Peace,

    David Acosta

  2. Bohond Says:

    Hi there, thanks for all the great rare Christian music. Love to hear those old records again in digital format.

    I have a special request, I’m looking for the following album:

    Johnny Markin – Look To Love (1987)

    I would love to finally hear this one. Hope you have it.
    If possible, please @ 320 kps

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Rusty Says:

    This is probably one of David’s best. I found the CD for 50 cents at a yard sale!!!!!

  4. Antony Says:

    \ o /

  5. Walter Shoup Says:

    David Meece is my all time favorite Christian artist ever. I have lots of old CD’s i would be happy to add to this collection just let me know how. I have spent years collecting them. CCM is the only thing I listen to so have a very extensive collection. I HIGHLY appeciate this site I got several that I have been trying years to get off of ebay and the like.

    Walter Shoup

  6. Greenchili Says:

    Good album.. interesting thing to note, however, is almost all the tracks on side 1 (first half of the album) were not written by David. Was he having writers block at the time?

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