Sheila Walsh – Don’t Hide Your Heart

1985 (10 Tracks) 1. Don’t Hide Your Heart 2. Under the Gun 3. Jesus Call Your Lambs 4. Alpha Omega 5. You’ll Never Be The Same 6. Light Across the World 7. We’re All One 8. It’s All For You 9. Not Guilty 10. Thief in the Night

Download at Sheila Walsh – Don’t Hide Your Heart


3 Responses to “Sheila Walsh – Don’t Hide Your Heart”

  1. Greenchili Says:

    The first ever “Sheila Walsh” album I heard. Received it thru some mail order thing where they would send you a couple of albums every couple weeks. This must have been when the record companies were pushing the makeover look (see Servant and “Light Manuevers”).

  2. jeremy Says:

    I had this on cassette back in 85/86 …
    quite liked it and still do
    Never really heard much of her other stuff – does any of her other albums have a strong synth sound like this one? Cos i liked that sound…

  3. Says:

    any chance you have her 1982 album No One Loves Me Like You, it was released in the UK only for some reason

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