Leon Patillo – Love Around the World

1985 (10 Tracks) 1. Love Around The World 2. Up And Over 3. One Thing Leads To Another 4. Magic Man 5. Fire 6. Friends In High Places 7. I’ll Be With You 8. Treat Her Like A Lady 9. Safe Delivery 10. The Lord’s Prayer

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  1. Greenchili Says:

    Thanks man you’re the best!

    A few random comments and question..

    Leon’s attempt at an all female live band. (That’s all I’ll say about that).

    Did this come off CD? I could never figure out if this album made a CD release. I vaguely remember seeing it available in the stores but I was too cheap at the time to get it (much to my regret) since I already had the LP. I have a feeling if it was on CD it was a limited release.

    Love Around The World such a simple little tune that just “sticks” in the head.

    I actually used the song “Treat Her Like A Lady” on the closing credits of the wedding tape I made for my sister. I used an old computer program called “Print Shop’ for my credit “fonts”.. Good times. 😀

    Anywho I converted my LP about 10 years ago. At the time vinyl “pop” removal was not the greatest and the software I used had alot of problems with alot of songs (they would sound swishy). At the time my manual attempt to remove the “pops” seemed ok until I listened to it later with headphones and realized it wasn’t so good.

    I’ve heard alot of LP attempts at conversion and alot of times either the “umph” of the album is lost or the cymbals don’t quite sound right (swishy?).

    So thank you so much for making this available. That pretty much completes my Leon Patillo collection. I managed to get all his stuff (up to “Brand New”) on CD, except of course LATW.

  2. jeremy Says:

    love this songs – Magic Man and Fire but didn’t get into much else on this album – i loved his synth stuff so i like the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ album more…

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