DeGarmo & Key – No Turning Back (live)

1982 (19 Tracks) 1. Light Of The World 2. Go Tell Them 3. Stella, This Ain’t Hollywood 4. When He Comes Back 5. Jericho 6. Alleyways Of Strife 7. Mary 8. Wayfaring Stranger 9. Bass Solo 10. Enchiridion 11. Long Distance Runner 12. Matter Of Time 13. Emmanuel 14. Oklahoma Blues 15. Preacher (I’ll Need A Friend) 16. Over and Over 17. Let Him Help You Today 18. Love One Another 19. I Have Decided

Download at DeGarmo & Key – No Turning Back (live)


3 Responses to “DeGarmo & Key – No Turning Back (live)”

  1. Greenchili Says:

    Fantastic album. I was so glad when they released this on CD. Introduced me to the pre “pop” D&K. Although I like both.

  2. Greg Gibson Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s one of the best, if not the best, live album I’ve ever heard, and I’m having a hard time getting a CD of it. Thanks again!

  3. Just A Christian Says:

    Had the original cassettes once. Don’t know what happened to it. Thanks !!!

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