Rick Cua – Midnight Sun

1989 (10 Tracks) 1. Streetwise 2. I Can I Will 3. Young Boy Young Girl 4. I’ll Be Satisfied 5. Dedicated 6. Somethin’ You Got 7. No Man Will Know 8. Plenty Of Love 9. Tear Down The Walls 10. The Lost Can Still Be Found

Download at Rick Cua – Midnight Sun


3 Responses to “Rick Cua – Midnight Sun”

  1. icon_red Says:

    This is from the original cd source btw

  2. Jairo Says:

    Oh bro God bless you from Costa Rica

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I had this CD many many years ago.
    This is an awesome album with every song being a winner.
    This would have to be his best album, I love it.

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