Kathy Troccoli – Pure Attraction

1991 (10 Tracks) 1. Everything Changes 2. Help Myself To You 3. Love Has Found Me Here 4. You’ve Got A Way 5. You’re Still Here 6. Love Was Never Meant To Die 7. The Hard Days 8. Can’t Get You Out Of My Heart 9. Only Love Can Know 10. You And I

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2 Responses to “Kathy Troccoli – Pure Attraction”

  1. Greenchili Says:

    If I remember correctly “Everything Changes” was played on secular radio for a while. Released as a single?

  2. TheRMSDave Says:

    Love, love, love KT! I know so little about her, but everything of hers that I’ve heard has been very high quality in terms of writing, production and performance.
    I’d love to find a copy of “Long Distance Letter”, which was played for me by a bass teacher years ago.

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