Underecover – 3-28-87

1988 (15 Tracks) 1. Is Anyone Thirsty 2. I’m Just A Man 3. God Rules 4. Three Nails 5. Boys & Girls 6. I Love God 7. Cry Myself To Sleep 8. Darkest Hour 9. Build A Castle 10. Pilate 11. You And I 12. I’d Rather Stay 13. One To One 14. Come Away With Me 15. If I Had A Dream

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2 Responses to “Underecover – 3-28-87”

  1. Joey Fester Says:

    This is one incredible live album. It really helps transition the band from the bubblegum pop of their early albums to the darker-themed albums. They were touring their “Branded” album, recently re-mixed and re-issued by Intense Millineum Records. Definitely a passionate live record where you can hear the sweat and spit!

  2. Dearl Says:

    I seen these guys LIVE this year! Jan 8th ’11. One of the best concerts I have ever been to, and I’ve been to hundreds. They played with Crumbacher, The Choir (Acoustic), Michael Roe (from the 77’s) and The Lifters (and many others played that night at the after party which I also went to). Undercover was so amazing. Big production and very powerful.

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