Apologies & Updates

First let me apologize, I just found out that the ocmusic@charter.net e-mail address has not been working for the past three months. So any requests that were sent to me had not been received and for that I apologize. As some of the loyal followers have noticed I am posting more once again. I recently purchased voice recognition software which helps me a great deal when posting to the blog. For those of you that have been praying for my health condition thank you. In January I had successful surgery on my left eye… I can see once again. Now if I could just get these legs to work I would be doing great. I am trying to post at least one new entry a day until I have no more to post but that could be a while. With the lack of worthwhile things going on in my life right now the kind e-mails I get from my blog followers help out abundantly. At the moment, I am averaging 1300 visitors a day to the website. If you have noticed, I have added a Facebook and Twitter link to each post. Please help me spread the word by using these tools to help get the great Christian music of years gone by out in the open again. In closing please remember that when you are making a request check to see if you can actually buy it from the artist website first.

Your friend Chris Daniel


8 Responses to “Apologies & Updates”

  1. Kumbe,SoBarikor Says:

    May God Almighty give u all the healing u need in Jesus’ name,Amen.

  2. Johnny Says:

    No need to apologize, but know people are praying for you. God Bless, Johnny

  3. Walter Shoup Says:

    Hey Praise God for his blessings and may he continue to bring healing. We are praying for you and wish you all the best. You have blessed me in large measure. You have no idea how excited I was when I stumbled across your site. I have passed it on many times since then. Thanks once again and again.

    Walter Shoup

  4. Johhn Knopp Says:

    It is GREAT to see you posting again and even better that you are doing well. Just know I still pray for ya, brother…
    Question, In your browsings, have you come across Ashley Cleveland’s “Lesson of Love”… great CD that i lost quite a few years ago… If you run across it, would you post it?


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Keep on living, maybe you can get to guitar playing again!!

  6. DJ Anonymous Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to leave an anonymous message saying that I appreciate all of the OOP albums here. It is sad when it seems like classic christian music is forgotten about and the radio is saturated with only the latest hits. I am not saying that I am against new christian music, but it would be nice to listen to the older music just like there is an outlet for secular classic rock music. I know there was one AM station that was short lived, but brought back the classic format.. then died since it didn’t get much support :/ Anyway, I had contacted them wanting to save the station and manage it, but due to lack of finances I was unable to. Now since I have my own FM (LPFM) station, I am very thankful I am able to be able to get these classics out to the community, thank you and God Bless, it has been a blessing to me and I feel so much magic through these songs that I normally don’t through alot of the newer mainstream christian music. (Is it old age.. haha) Anyway, I have been previously playing normal 80s New Wave classics, but hearing these again, the regular 80s doesn’t even compare as I feel the Holy Spirit much more, God Bless!

  7. Reed Mosgrove Says:

    Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for the great music. I played a lot of this music when I was in college in Nashville and worked at WNAZ. It was recently sold and I was thinking about those old days and came across your website. Hearing Matthew Ward and so many of those old great albums is amazing. I hope you have continued improvement in your health and keep up the good work!


  8. Greenchili Says:

    Many thanks! Just hang in there!

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