Dion – Velvet & Steel

1986 (10 Tracks) 1. New Breed Of Man 2. You Need A Love 3. Treasure Of Love/You’re My Child 4. Another Saturday Night In Heaven 5. Prayers 6. Simple Ironies 7. Just Talk To Him 8. I Love Jesus Now 9. Hymn To Him 10. There In Your Heart

Download at Dion – Velvet & Steel


4 Responses to “Dion – Velvet & Steel”

  1. John Howie Says:

    Such a good site ,pity you use Rapidshare though,it seems imposible to find a slot to download, Don’t seem to have any trouble with any other blogs that use other systems like media fire or 4shared.
    hope things improve soon

  2. Caughel Says:

    Thanks for this great album. I wasn’t a Christian when this came out…..but it is still encouraging music to me. I hope Dion is still singing some music for the Lord.

  3. Jerry Says:

    Use Mipony http://www.mipony.net. It will automatically download almost every known host. I use it frequently. It will download multiple hosts at once. Rapidshare, 4Shared, Megaupload, Mediafire, Hotfile, etc…. tons of others.

  4. Oceancider Says:

    This was the FIRST “CD” I ever bought. When it got to “Simple Ironies,” I thought, “Great, the very first CD I buy and there’s something wrong with it. There are scratches right at the beginning of the song.”

    Only later did I realize that they recorded it that way on purpose, to create the feel of a 50’s record. Duh!

    Really like the lead off track; the horns (and storytelling) of “Another Saturday Night in Heaven;” and the 50’s vibe of “Simple Ironies” (those “scratches” were a nice touch despite my ignorance).

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