Various Artists – Superjubilation

1977 (22 Tracks) 1. To The Ancient Of Days (Bob Ayala) 2. Sweet Music (Pat Terry Group) 3. To The Father (Gospel Seed) 4. A Nation’s Prayer (Bruce Hibbard) 5. The Prince Song (2nd Chapter Of Acts) 6. Follow Me (Dave Meece) 7. Ain’t You Glad (Michael Omartian) 8. Where Can I Go (Petra) 9. Ain’t It Grand (Honeytree) 10. Shipwreck (Paul Clark) 11. All That I Can Do (Love Inn Company) 12. Why Does The Devil (Chris Christian) 13. Flyaway (Nutshell) 14. Song For Mom (Steve Camp) 15. Life’s Greatest Possesion (Lilly Green) 16. All Because Of You (Alwyn Wall Band) 17. Hallelujah (BJ Thomas) 18. New Day (Fireworks) 19. Another Try (Phil Keaggy) 20. To Learn By Living (Tom Howard) 21. Mountain Top (Amy Grant) 22. Caught In The Crossfire (Limpic & Rayburn)

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2 Responses to “Various Artists – Superjubilation”

  1. MusicBringer Says:

    seeing this reminds me – have you got Nutshell – Believe It Or Not.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I got some Nutshell. email me

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