Kerry Livgren – Seeds Of Change

1980 (7 Tracks) 1. Just One Way 2. Mask of the Great Deceiver 3. How Can You Live 4. Whiskey Seed 5. To Live for the King 6. Down to the Core 7. Ground Zero

Downl0ad at Kerry Livgren – Seeds Of Change


2 Responses to “Kerry Livgren – Seeds Of Change”

  1. Ben Says:

    I would LOVE to see Phil Keaggy Emerging album here… or the Re-Emerging album… both of which are out of print!

  2. illustrationISM Says:

    One of the BEST albums ever!
    A great all-star artist line up!
    Even RONNY JAMES DIO was dissin’
    ‘the great deceiver’ on this –
    How did Kerry get him to do that??!!

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