Rock of the 80’s Vol. 1

(14 Tracks) 1. Invitation (Whiteheart) 2. Love Comes Down (Rez) 3. Devil Is a Liar (Allies) 4. Always There For You (Stryper) 5. This Means War! (Petra) 6. Six, Six, Six (DeGarmo & Key) 7. Sixteen (Mylon & Broken Heart) 8. Lie Down in the Grass (Charlie Peacock) 9. A Place to Stand (Geoff Moore & The Distance) 10. Wear Your Colors (Rick Cua) 11. Showdown (Shout) 12. Darn Floor – Big Bite (Daniel Amos) 13. Enough Is Enough (Whitecross) 14. Mercy Mercy (Seventy Sevens)

Download at Rock of the 80’s Vol. 1

2 Responses to “Rock of the 80’s Vol. 1”

  1. Pamela Lawson Says:

    Hello and I would first like to thank you and let you know that after all these many, many years of searching, this site has every artist i have ever listened to as a child. Your site is well organized and I will most definitely spread the word to other people such as myself who are seeking old contemporary christian music. I really appreciate what you have done to keep these artist known to the public, they have truly changed my life and I never forgot their music which made a great impact on my family’s life as well as my own. I wouldn’t change a thing about the site it is truly wonderful.
    yours truly
    Pamela Lawson

  2. Oceancider Says:

    Too bad there was never a Volume 2 . . . . 3 . . . . 4 . . . .

    I think I originally got this one from WORD Music Club (yes, there was such a thing once upon a time). Got some great deals over the years while it lasted.

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