DeGarmo & Key – This Ain’t Hollywood

1980 (10 Tracks) 1. Stella, This Ain’t Hollywood 2. When He Comes Back 3. You Gave Me All 4. Never Be the Same 5. All Night 6. Love is All You Need 7. Nobody Loves Me 8. Light of the World 9. Over and Over 10. One Step Closer

Download at DeGarmo & Key – This Ain’t Hollywood


5 Responses to “DeGarmo & Key – This Ain’t Hollywood”

  1. DwDunphy Says:

    Welcome back, man. I was hoping the old page didn’t go down because of your health issues.

  2. Old Timer Says:

    “Straight On” was incredible. I was crushed with disappointment the first time I heard this album.

  3. Bill Hartley Says:

    “Stella” doesn’t really get going until “All Night.” Then, minus the hiccup of “Nobody Loves Me” (how awful is that?!?), this hits a pretty good stride. “Over and Over” was a big hit at our SoCal Christian station when this was released.

    I wasn’t exactly “crushed” like Old Timer was, but there was something about Straight On that D&K never matched. I’m hoping to find Straight On available digitally – anybody know of a place to download it?

  4. illustrationISM Says:

    Mission of Mercy and afterwards, D&K went stale for me.
    were the best 3 albums (Trilogy) D&K did, in my small opinion.
    THANX for sharing this album.

  5. Greenchili Says:

    Hey.. don’t forget to mention “No Turning Back!”… an awesome live album!

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