Daniel Band – Straight Ahead

1983 (10 tracks) 1. Power of Love 2. You’re All I Need 3. Straight Ahead 4. Here I Am 5. T’ank You 6. Lustful Illusions 7. Reality 8. Come into My Life 9. Comin’ Home 10. In My Mind

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  1. Sundog Says:

    It’s difficult to put in words how special this album is to me in my life. It’s funny how music can become the soundtrack to your life. If I had to put together a soundtrack, I would have to include every song on this album. I didn’t purchase this album as soon as it hit the shelves. I grew up in a rural area and on a farm, so I was pretty far out from any population centers. My best friend was a year older than me and went away to a Christian college (where I eventually met my wife!) when I was a senior, in 1984. My buddy started working for the campus radio station and started putting together a mix tape for me for when he came home to visit. On that mix tape was a song from Daniel Band. Although there were a lot of songs on that tape, the only song that really reached out and grabbed me by the throat was a song from Daniel Band. I went out and purchased the LP immediately and fell absolutely in love. I’m not sure why, but I remember their music being compared to bands like Rush, and some other bands out there. I didn’t, and don’t, hear that. Still, there was something real and raw and guttural about their music more along the lines of Rez Band. Sure it was a different sound from Rez, but that down to Earth, working man’s in your face hard rock was still there. This is absolutely the best album DB ever released, and I have them all. I also love them all almost like I love my own children.

    It just doesn’t get much more real and in your face than this album. Thanks for the up!

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