Servant – Light Maneuvers

1984 (10 Tracks) 1. Poolside Logic 2. Surrender 3. We Are The Light 4. One At Heart 5. Neighborhood 6. Born In The Fire 7. Battlecry 8. Courage To Burn 9. Zero Minus One 10. War Dance

Download at Servant – Light Maneuvers


3 Responses to “Servant – Light Maneuvers”

  1. Says:

    One of the greatest albums of all time…not just Christian, but ALL TIME!!! Thks for posting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is an absolute classic.
    This album stands the test of time, a real gem.

  3. Steve from Wisconsin Says:

    I completely agree with both of the other posts! This album is an absolute classic, and I think that “Surrender” has got to be one of the greatest Christian songs ever written!

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