Leon Patillo – I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You

1982 (9 Tracks) 1. John 3:17 2. Cornerstone 3. Praise Ye the Lord 4. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord 5. I Surrender 6. I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You 7. Rise and Be Healed 8. Saved 9. River

Please support the artist. All of Leon Patillo’s music is available at his new site. http://leonpatillo.org/1_store.htm


2 Responses to “Leon Patillo – I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You”

  1. ozark ken Says:

    Wow, what memories this brings back. Just looking at the titles I can remember lot’s of the words to the songs. My wife always liked the black or latin sound and I more rock and folk but we totally agreed on Leon. I’ve seen some cd’s recorded in the 90’s so he stayed with it a long time. Thanks for all the listings you put up here, this one really sent me back to a neat time just out of college and just married bopping with Leon and Jesus!

  2. Jillnel Says:

    I have really enjoyed this CD!

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