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11 Responses to “Please sign my Guestbook”

  1. Ron Grimm Says:

    thanks much for the website..great music should not be lost, simply because it’s a few decades old..

    Although..I DO wish that ya’ll would post to other sharing sites, like Mediafire..I can’t seem to download anything from Rapidshare.

  2. Shaun Bridgens Says:

    Thaxs for such a wonderful site. You’ve bleesed my heart so much. I have one special request, could you please try and find a link for the following album. It’s very old but powerful. Morris Chapman and the Maranatha Singers – Voice of Praise.
    thank You

    god Bless

  3. olumide Says:

    I cannot thank you enough…i’ve long ‘cried’ within me, lamenting the way record labels seem not to have the ‘blessed oldies’ available for purchase. I see your initiative as an answer to that cry. I look with nostalgia at some of those albums, recalling where i was when i first heard some of those songs – or bought the tape…may we learn make ourselves and our resources available for God to use as answers to the needs around us – just like you have done.

    God bless you Bro!!

  4. David Rios Says:

    It’s been a real pleasure to find this site. I grew up in the 80s-90s I converted at 9 (86) and almost instantly I discovered CCM -which was not so know about here in Mexico at that time- so many of the music I was able to get was in tape. The CD’s were scarse -and expensive- With the www I got the possibility to buy many of those old albums I wanted, but not all. Thanks for this effort, maybe not so honored by many but really appreciated by people like me, who’s rediscovering and finding for the very first time many of the jewel you have posted.
    Thanks a lot & a lot of blessings.


    Greetings from Scotland Thanks so much for the blessing of this site
    I have never heard these records or indeed these artistes before. I am going to really enjoy this experience coming from Scotland I’ve never heard these sounds before.
    God Bless and Thank You

  6. Sasha Says:

    thanks much for the blog! Greetings from Ukraine! Through this site I met a cool Christian artists, find albums that are very long sought. THANK YOU!

  7. Edward Says:

    First off, you are doing a great service to people such as myself who have long since worn out the vinyl for a lot of these. I try to catch the CD releases for those I have worn out, but they release them and then cancel them so darn fast it’s mind boggling.
    Anyhow thank you, my friend. God Bless and you are in my prayers for recovery.

  8. NYCG Says:

    All I can say is Thank You!! What a fantastic gift your website is (and a trip down memory lane!!!) Bless you for sharing!

  9. exdroid Says:

    Thanks for doing a site like this

    I got many great ccm albums in the mid to late 80s on cassette and when i lost them or burnt them (when i was legalistic) i lost so many good albums…many of which were never reprinted again…

  10. mark serviss Says:

    Would like to find download for the Cruse Family album: For Every Heart.
    It was my favorite.
    Great site!!!

  11. Tony Peterson Says:

    I appreciate you for providing a bunch of my old favorites!

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