To All My Friends

Me in 1979…..WHAT HAPPENED

I am truely sorry about the lack of posting. I know a lot of people like finding the music of thier youth once again. For those that don’t know I suffer from many complications steming from my diabeties. I have lost all feeling below my knees and have lost most feeling in my fingers and hands.  I just had some surgury in my left eye, so I am no longer blind from the diabetic retinopathy. Please be praying for me. If you happen to be a millionair and need to part  with some pocket change let me know. On a side note, if you have questions or requests (or just want to chat) please email me at instead of placing a comment in a post.


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  1. Dw Dunphy Says:

    Of course I’ll be praying for you.

    In the meantime, my brother had a gallstone the size of a ping pong ball inside a shredded gallbladder, held together with little more than scar tissue. He’s unemployed and has no insurance. His surgery was covered by the Charity Care program in the area in conjunction with a local free care clinic.

    It takes a bit of paperwork filing and signing, but there is a way for you to get the care you need without it bankrupting you. There are too many good people walking out of the play too soon. Get thee to a hospital and register for that Charity Care. Don’t be proud. Pride kills.

  2. Salt Says:

    I’ll be praying too!

    I have diabetes myself since 1980 (i was 6 y.o.). My only complications have been the eyes. I had extensive laser for almost two years without the desired effects. The bleeding in the eyes got so bad I had less then 10% sight in both. I had surgery 3 times and the docters removed the bloodvesels manually. I couldn’t see a thing for almost two weeks but after that.. Wow! It got better and better.

    It is now 3 years ago and I have 95% vision in both eyes! Praise God! A lot of people prayed for me during that time and I’m sure it helped the healing process. But more important, I felt carried through that period, knowing that despite we live in a fallen world, God holds his children in the palm of His hand!

    I’m sorry I cannot help financially but understand your troubles from my own experience. I hope and pray you’ll be cured!

    Thanks for posting all these great memories from the years that I discovered christian music. God bless!

  3. Eddie Says:

    Over the last several months, i’ve taken praying for you every time i pull up the website (as well as other times throughout the week). It is the best way I have found to keep lifting you up and praying for God’s hand to rest on you. I want to encourage all of the other numerous followers of your website to do the same. Think of all the prayers that will be lifted up for one specific purpose! take care and thanks for all you do to keep memories alive!

  4. Sundog Says:

    I’m also praying! This is one of the most terrible diseases on the planet. There are few illnesses as insidious as diabetes. While I have a few other medical issues, praise God, this is not one of them. Yet.

    Are you familiar with any of the Joslin Diabetes books on the market? Just curious. I’ve never been through any of them, but I understand them to be of high quality. On a side note, Dr. Elliot Joslin, who is considered to be the world’s first physician who dedicated his life to the study of diabetes, is a distant cousin. If you follow both of our ancestral lines back enough, we eventually share a grandfather. I always thought that was pretty cool.

    Anyway, I’ll certainly be praying for you. I wish I were that millionaire you’re looking for, but alas, I’m not even close. 🙂


  5. Greenchili Says:

    Sorry to hear that. Will keep you in my prayers. In the meantime many thanks for making these available. I’ll be able to replace alot of stuff I dumped from Tape and LP myself.. The quality of most of these is that good!

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