Bryan Duncan – Have Yourself Committed

1985 (9 Tracks) 1. Have Yourself Committed 2. Darkness Is Falling 3. Maybe This Time 4. A Child’s Love 5. Come to Find Out 6. Livin’ On the Bright Side 7. Sweep Me Away 8. Talk to Me Gently 9. Last Graduation

Download at Bryan Duncan – Have Yourself Committed


2 Responses to “Bryan Duncan – Have Yourself Committed”

  1. tina aka forrestina vintage Says:

    Yes, back when he was “that crazy guy with the insane voice” from Sweet Comfort Band…good stuff.

  2. Eddy from Dayton, Ohio Says:

    I still have the double CD of Have Yourself Committed and Holy Rollin’. I drop a few selections of that and some Sweet Comfort Band (Cutting Edge and Hearts of Fire) on my MP3 to listen to on the road! Great stuff!

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