Sweet Comfort Band – Hold on Tight

1979 (11 Tracks) 1. Hold On Tight 2. Take It-Save It 3. Falling Star 4. You’re The One 5. Angel 6. Undecided 7. Don’t Tell Me 8. Chasin’ The Wind 9. Carry Me 10. More Than You Need 11. Find Your Way.

Download at Sweet Comfort Band – Hold on Tight


2 Responses to “Sweet Comfort Band – Hold on Tight”

  1. tina aka forrestina vintage Says:

    Possibly the only one I don’t have of this group…nice.

  2. Sundog Says:

    I had the cassette, and still do, actually, but literally wore the thing out to the point that it just won’t play anymore. Still, I can’t part with it, even now. God placed this album in my hands in just the right time. He certainly had/has perfect timing. 🙂

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