Silverwind – Silverwind

1981 (10 Tracks) 1. Taking The Narrow Street 2. Ode To A Lost Ignorance 3. Your Love 4. I Will Bless The Lord 5. Walking This Road 6. I Am In Love 7. Never Had A Reason 8. When I Looked Into Your Eyes 9. Give Him Your Heart Child 10. I Don’t Worry

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2 Responses to “Silverwind – Silverwind”

  1. olumide Says:

    i hear simplicity, sincerity and passion to communicate their relationship with Christ in the best way known to them…once again, thanks to this ‘initiative’ i’m meeting Silverwind for the first time – and it’s a memorable meeting…God bless ‘Cadfly’ again…:-)

  2. tina aka forrestina vintage Says:

    My mom LOVES Silverwind — still. Her fave song was Destiny.

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