Brighton – Promise of Love

1991 (10 Tracks) 1. Promise of Love 2. On Any Sunday 3. Wash Me in the Rain Again 4. I Would Die For You 5. And You Know 6. Anytime at All 7. Love to Me 8. Run Through the Flames 9. Boulevard 10. Cursing the Night

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  1. al from carson Says:

    First of all xlnt work on this website.. Found a great album that thought I never hear again on your site. In the 80s I used to go to the Carpenters music store in Lomita , california. They had a bible book store on one side, and in the next building, a music store that sold guitars, had a guitar tech. There was a gentlman named Bruce who worked in there who would turn me on to the latest in music.. I leaned more towards the jazzy side of christian music ie, Koinonia, Bryan Duncan etc.. There’s been one band that I cant seem to find or locate. I had the cassette and if I remember right the band waqs called “Opus ( something??) . It was all instrumentals in the style of fusion jazz and even some rock. No vocals..they had a bass player who could thump really nice..I wish I could remember one song title but I cant.. If by any chance you could help me find out who this band is or post something they did I would greatly appreciate it.. Keep up the good work and God

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