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As most of you know I am disabled and cannot work. What you don’t know is I’m getting worse. I have now lost all use of my legs. I have finally got my Hoveround, but I had to take out a small loan to purchase the chair. several months ago I asked my readers for prayer & financial support. I would like to thank the faithful people who donated. The Bible says you have not because you ask not so here it goes. We are trying to sell our 2004 Chrysler Pacifica because I can no longer get in it on my own. In its place we will need to purchase a mini van with a wheelchair ramp. Typically these are 10k more than the actual cost of the van, so a 2005 Grand Caravan with a wheelchair ramp will cost about 20k. I do have a PayPal account (for donations) So far I had hinted at needing some financial support because my wife has to stay home and look after me full-time because of my disability. Please don’t think that I will stop this blog if I don’t get the money. I could also use the prayer support of everybody reading this whether you can help financially or not.


ps. This is a picture of my wife and I before my disability



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  1. Johnny Says:

    I pray for God to move on your be-half. Not only for a great job, but for healing in your body. And all you needs will be meet. In The Name Of Jesus I Pray.

  2. Abiola Ambrose Says:

    I will keep you and your wife in prayers. I pray that God will grant you favor with the surgery, and also a job for your wife. May God continue to bless you both. Continue to put your trust and your faith in God. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will make a way where there seems to be no way, he walks with you each and every day. He will guide you and uphold you with his right hand. Be blessed.

  3. Florian Says:

    Hi Chris ,
    You’re in my prayers.
    To become healthy & a job for Angie.
    be blessed !

    hugs from Germany ,
    ~ Flo

  4. Frank Says:

    God will provide! My wife and I have had a rough go financially and medically for the past 5 or 6 years, and God has been with us the whole time.

    I will be praying.

  5. DOUG HAAS Says:

    I have used your picture as my back ground , so I will think to pray for you often . It works well but your wall paper is making me a little dizzy I.

  6. Dave Says:

    I will be lifting you up in prayer…for all your needs. God is good, but I know that life can be hard. Blessings to you and thank you for all you do.

  7. DuDe ♪ Says:


  8. Cliff Cannon Says:

    Ima prayin’ I don’t know you but stumbled on this site. I believe in prayer. Where do you all live? and what kind of work can your wife do?


    Cliff Cannon
    Melbourne, FL

  9. Paul Shimmons Says:

    You will feel the effects of our prayers! God loves you and is watching out for you. His plan may not be your plan but it is better!

  10. John Murphy Says:

    Only recently stumbled across your site. Will of course pray for you both now.

  11. Ed Trivett Says:

    You and your wife are in my prayers. For all you do for us OLD rockers, I thank you, brother.
    I pray you are blessed a hundredfold in your endeavors, your health and your life. I pray your wife finds renewed vigor and a job she will enjoy.
    Keep it up my friend.

  12. Eric Sawyer Says:

    Great picture and sad to read about your struggling around the house. Bummer. I’ll keep you in my prayers and you can keep me in yours, seeing as a musicians life is often impeded by the fact that no one buys music anymore. 😉

  13. Dw. Dunphy Says:

    You and the family are in my prayers, man. I only wish I had the means to do more than just pray though.

  14. Alžběta Madragana Says:

    Hey, I’ll pray for you – I certainly know what you’re going thru. Only coz the same thing is ‘The New Reality’ for both my wife and me; we know what it’s like – so don’t let this get you down, man.
    You have a wonderful website to bring back tha old memories of CHRISTian music when it was good – I don’t know what’s happened to so-called ‘Christian Contemporary Music’ now – don’t ask me! So little of what’s played on the radio now is decent – so what you have done with this website – thank you!!!
    May our LORD bless and heal you.
    Peace, my Christian Friend.

  15. David Burks Says:

    You are in my prayers. I applaud your desire to keep your files on a service that has no immoral advertising. But the 5 minute wait followed by the brief window to click download now makes it difficult to get anything downloaded. Ads I can ignore but that hassle is not.

    Let me say I appreciate very much the service you are providing. Might be nice if you put all the links to those artists who have asked you to post their website instead of a download link in one place. Could be a valueable reference in our attempts to support these artists.

    And last but not least a wishlist.
    John Fischer
    Mike Johnson, the artisst / the riddle
    Farrell & Farrell, Album that has “Let the Whole World Know”
    Janny Greine, “Don’t Give the devil an Opportunity”
    The Rapsures

  16. Stel Pontikes Says:

    Chris, we’re praying for you! Is there an address we can use so we can send a check? Thanks.

    Stel Pontikes
    St. Louis, MO

  17. Josh Marihugh Says:

    Praying for you, brother. I understand the difficulty in getting reliable transportation, particularly when you need handicap access.

  18. James Boyett (@Tropguru) Says:


    Going through the process of ripping all of my old vinyl. 🙂 Your blog is more than just an inspiration, it’s a ministry. I pray the Lord, our provider and hope, bless you abundantly. Be well, and keep the faith brother!

    Yours in Christ,

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