Edin-Adahl – X-Factor

1984 (10 Tracks) 1. X-Factor 2. Like a Motion Picture 3. I’m Waiting for You 4. Hold On 5. Blind (A New Day Tomorrow) 6. Closer and Closer 7. The Secret of it All 8. Listen Brother! 9. I Love You 10. Thousand Years

Download at Edin-Adahl – X-Factor


3 Responses to “Edin-Adahl – X-Factor”

  1. antonio Says:

    hello there.Thank you for sharing this jewel.I downloaded it,but skips a lot on several tracks.Anyway thanks again.

  2. Amos Says:

    Wow!!! I haven’t heard this in YEARS!!! Still sounds great and brings back many great memories. Thanks for sharing!!! This is definitely a rare gem!!!

  3. AngeliaClaire Says:

    I want to get this cd where am I going to find it?

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