Dogwood – Love Note

1976 (10 Tracks) 1. Love Note 2. I’ll Be Ready To Go 3. Seed Song 4. I’ll Bring Him Back To You 5. What Do You Plan To Do? 6. Keep On Walkin’ 7. Glad I Came By Here 8. I’m Gonna Leave My Troubles 9. Buffalo Creek 10. Jesus Is Coming Soon

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  1. Monica Says:

    This album came out when I was three years old. My dad had the 8-track and played it all the time and I remember very vividly singing along to the “Keep On Walkin'” song when I was three and four years old. Thank you for having this available. It has been a wonderful memory for the past 30+ years, and I know my dad will enjoy remembering it, too.

  2. Thomas Martin Says:

    We had Dogwood Love Note on cassette, I still have the cover but the tape got lost years ago. I was bummed. I saw Dogwood when I was around 7 years old at New Covenant Fellowship in St. Louis in 1975-1976.

    This is some of my favorite music.

    Check out Dogwood’s New Album “Down the Road” where Steve and Ron got together and did and acoustic release of all the best of the songs from Dogwood.

  3. Thomas Martin Says:

    If you can’t find Down the Road, contact Steve directly at and ask him about it.

  4. Abe Assocs Says:

    God Bless! Thank you so much for these pages and downloads. I got saved in 1974 and had the cassette of “Love Song” years and years ago. The title song still goes round and round in my head. I had looked on the net a few years back and came up empty. Today I found it immediately! Again, thank you! thank you! thank you!

  5. Thomas Martin Says:

    I just started a Facebook page for Dogwood with Steve’s permission. I will add stuff as I can get it and get permission.

    Email Steve to see if he has Dogwood: Down the Road still, it isn’t on his website, but he might have copies still. Ron and Steve got back together to do some of the best songs in the studio.

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