Steve Camp – Start Believin’

1980 (10 Tracks) 1. The Feeling is Happening 2. You Are the Rainbow 3. Easy Livin’ (Under the Sun) 4. Ambassador in Chains 5. Start Believin’ 6. Under His Love 7. Do They Have to Grow Up? 8. I’ll Always Need You Lord 9. Bobby 10. Psalm 131

Download at Steve Camp – Start Believin’


2 Responses to “Steve Camp – Start Believin’”

  1. Daryl Says:

    Thnx Cadfly – I’ve been looking for this treasure for a while. This album was my first introduction to Steve’s music. I’ve got the LP but haven’t been able to listen to it for a very long time. This will be a treat.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You are an angel. I was needing to hear this music for so long. It has helped to renew my faith and my strength. You will never know how much I appreciate you making this available. God bless You.

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