Steve Camp – Fire and Ice

1983 (10 Tracks) 1. Upon This Rock 2. It Is Good 3. Love’s Not A Feeling 4. Heart Of Stone 5. Living In Laodicea 6. Squeeze 7. Fire and Ice 8. Light Your Candle 9. What Would The Devil Say 10. Where Are The Heroes

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4 Responses to “Steve Camp – Fire and Ice”

  1. Darrel Says:

    I have many fond memories of this album. Yes, we used to listen to it on vinyl. 🙂

  2. Jacob Says:

    Still my favorite Steve Camp album (mostly because the first song of his I heard as a youngster was “Love’s Not a Feeling”; which I think may have the best saxophone solo in CCM history).

  3. Greenchili Says:

    Vinyl? What’s Vinyl? 😉 lol

  4. Loretta Says:

    I just found this site by surfing in while looking for a song… (I still Believe by Russ Taff)…. i had this Steve Camp album on cassette tape which i played in my old car (66 Chevy Nova) on my way to class in the late 80’s, in a boom box casette player, powered by batteries, sitting on the passenger seat! Great memories.

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