Glen Allen Green – Down This Avenue


1987 (10 tracks) 1. Love is Waiting Here 2. Down This Avenue 3. Living For Babylon 4. Eternity 5. Look Up 6. Turn Up the Music 7. A Million Miles Away 8. Out West 9. Famine of the Heart 10. Not in the Grave

Download at Glen Allen Green – Down This Avenue


4 Responses to “Glen Allen Green – Down This Avenue”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This album would have been so much better if they used real drums like his first release. Funny thing is I could never get a good LP of this. The 1st I bought skipped on “Down This Avenue”. I returned it and the replacement had the same problem.

    At this time alot of Christian albums seemed like they were being made cheaply with very thin records (vinyl), etc.

  2. Greenchili Says:

    I seem to keep on forgetting things. Outside of the lack of real drums the electric guitar playing on this album is still good.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You can thank Jerry McPherson for the great guitar!

  4. Steve from Wisconsin Says:

    I’ve never heard this album, but I have his other one *Living Fire”, and I still really like it after all these years!

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