David Meece – Everybody Needs a Little Help » Everybody Needs a Little Help

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  1. MykeC Says:

    Wow! I saw David perform live at my Grandmother’s church, First Baptist, in Minden, Louisiana, on July 27, 1979. I bought this album from a table at the back of the room after the show, met David and had him autograph the inner paper sleeve. I was only 13 at the time but I remember the evening well. I was stoked 4 years later to find he’d recorded and released “Mother, Muffler, Mozart, and The Beatles” as part of his “Front Row” live album. He performed that the night I saw him and it was the highlight of the whole show for me. Everybody cracked up when they heard it 🙂 I still hadn’t discovered The Beatles yet so the specific reference to “Sgt. Pepper’s” didn’t exactly hit home – but I still got the idea he was putting across. He was very entertaining. I still have my autographed LP but haven’t had a working turntable in the past 20 years so it’s just been here taking up space all those years. I’ve searched and searched for it online and have always come up empty-handed until now. It’s amazing how well the music on that album has held up over the years. It’s like the return of a long-lost friend to me. I was really heavy into KISS when I saw him and was beginning to collect all their albums – so when I look back at all the albums I bought in those days – there’s always this guy in a silly red-and-white sweat suit grinning at me in the midst of all the albums with the garish costumes and makeup! LOL

    Thanks for making it possible for me to hear this album again!

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