Randy Matthews – Son of Dust

1973 (10 Tracks) 1. Holy Band 2. The Bad Hasn’t Made it Better 3. It Ain’t Easy 4. Mighty Fine 5. Brown Eyed Woman 6. Here I Am 7. On the Road 8. Evacuation Day 9. Didn’t He 10. Pharaoh’s Hand

Download at Randy Matthews – Son of Dust


3 Responses to “Randy Matthews – Son of Dust”

  1. Julio Says:

    YES! Thank you SO much! Love it! You don’t happen to have the Randy Matthews album “Plugged In”, do you?


  2. Adiemus Says:

    Do you have the double LP “Now Do You Understand” or “Matthews, Taylor & Johnson?”

  3. Craig Buxton Says:

    While we’re at it, there’s 1974’s “Eyes to the Sky.” Short but awesome. If his stuff isn’t to find a home on CD, couldn’t he make it available for downloading?

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