Gabriel – Gabriel

1987 (10 Tracks) 1. Send Me 2. Slipin’ Into Mediocrity 3. Out of the East 4. I Put My Hope 5. A Simple Prayer 6. Heartstrings 7. You Can’t Fool God 8. I Want to Be Your Light 9. That’s How it is With Truth 10. That Day in Bethlehem

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2 Responses to “Gabriel – Gabriel”

  1. Chad Says:

    I got to hear Gabriel many years ago and they were great. At the time, they had a praise and worship album with songs such as ‘Boundless Love’ and “The Lamb is Worthy’. Any chance of posting it as well? Thanks for providing this service.

  2. Clinton Pye Says:


    I am glad to find this. I heard this band when they performed at Hampton Road Baptist Church in DeSoto, TX in the early 80’s and have been looking for this music for the last few years. I am grateful to find this. They were amazing artists.

    Clinton T. Pye
    Irving, TX

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