Becky Ugartechea – House-between-two-rivers

1976 (10 Tracks) 1. Who’s the Master 2. Never Knew How Happy 3. Son of the Living God 4. Take All the Lonely Times 5. Driftin’ 6. Simple Joy 7. He’ll Lift You Up 8. There Is Love 9. Glory and Honor 10. Now Is the Time

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5 Responses to “Becky Ugartechea – House-between-two-rivers”

  1. mike wade Says:

    great album….

  2. bernie Says:

    Born again in the 70’s House-between-two-rivers was the first Christian album I ever purchased. I knew nothing about christian music or books but I was drawn to the album cover. I fell in love with the songs and played it until it was completely scratched and ruined. This album was made just for me. It’s simple message was instrumental in helping me discover God’s love for me. It has a special place in my heart. Thank you Becky and all those that helped create House between two rivers.
    I just can’t wait to download it and hear it again!

  3. Says:

    What album was Becky Ugartechea’s song, “In love with the two of you” on? This one goes way back, in the 70’s. Larry

  4. Phil Says:

    Do you know the year the double release of houde between two rivers and look by faith came out im just looking for the year if you can help me if you need that download as well i can give to you she leave me instructions how to do it but i dont have a pic for that one let me know thanks Phil

  5. Geart Bakker Says:

    This album takes me back to the streets of Amsterdam in the beginning part of the 80’s, where I was working in a Christian Youth Hostel then. I was a volunteer and earned only enough pocket money to buy one album a week. This was one of my favorites and always gravitated towards the top of my play list. The cover is what drew me first, like Bernie, but the songs really drew me.

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