Malcolm & Alwyn – Fool’s Wisdom

1973 (10 Tracks) 1. Say It Like It Is 2. Fool’s Wisdom 3. Tomorrow’s News 4. Growing Old 5. Things Are Getting Better 6. Heaven Or Hell 7. Seed Of Corn 8. The World Needs Jesus 9. Always On My Mind 10. It’s Here The Answer Lies

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  1. David A. Says:

    Hello, thanks for your blog ! Appreciate all the hard work it must entail to list these albums. I’ve already found several I need, and a few more you don’t list.

    The one I need to locate is the album – from 1982 called “Malcolm & the Mirrors” titled “Red Alert” it was a great new wave album.

    I understand Malcolm of Malcolm & Alwyn made it with a band from So. Cal. I see web references, but nothing more. My tape died in my years ago !

    I’ve subscribed to comments so please let me know. If anyone reading this has the album and has downloaded it, can you reply here with that information ?

    Many thanks,

    David Alan

  2. David A. Says:

    FYI here is an article on this band & album, to help inform others:

    Thanks for letting me know if you can locate the album. I’ll check back here or email me.

    David A.

  3. Jerry Says:


    Here is “Red Alert”

  4. Eelke de Boer Says:

    Please can you give me the lyrics of Seed of Corn by Malcolm and Alwyn

  5. David Ohlerking Says:

    Piano played like a guitar on this record. Never heard anything like it anywhere else. Very cool.

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